Exit the ferry and follow everyone up the hill through Fulford Harbour.
DONT TURN LEFT at the top of the hill like every other car.
Turn (vere) right. You’ll be on Beaver Point Road.
Just stay on this very winding, hilly road passing 2 lakes MAKE NO TURNs ONTO OTHER ROADS.
Take the wide right turn past Stewart Road. Follow your nose past Reynolds Road on the right, and Bullman and Dimitri roads on your left.
YOU’RE GETTING CLOSE Amblewood is the next right after Dimitri. If you overshoot it, you’ll see Beaver Point Hall on your left, and Bridgeman Road on your right.
Turn around and come up Amblewood and our long private driveway, right to the top.
You’ll see the Hummingbird Hill Sign.
Get ready to relax and enjoy!


Drive straight off the ferry onto Long Harbour Road. This road ends in “T” junction. Turn left into Ganges. (basically you are following the rest of the ferry traffic)
Drive straight through Ganges and up the hill . Your road changes names to become the Fulford-Ganges Road. BUT you actually haven’t made any turns. Just stay on the the winding road.
You will go up and down big hills, and many curves, but make no deliberate turns. Just enjoy the scenery.
You will eventually see Fulford Harbour and another BC Ferries terminal on your right. Do NOT TURN INTO FULFORD. Just stay on the road, and it becomes Beaver Point Road. Again no deliberate turns, but lots of twists and hills.
Keep going “straight”. You will see Reynolds Road on your right, then another small lake, then Bullman and Dimitri roads on your left. Amblewood is the next right.
If you miss it, you will come to Beaver Point Community Hall. Turn around, and come up Amblewood and my long winding driveway to the top. You will see the sign for Hummingbird Hill.
If I’m not here, please park by the Japanese gate entry to the B&B on your left, and make yourselves comfortable. It’s really easy. Just don’t turn off onto any other roads after Ganges, till you get to Amblewood.


There is only one way to leave the terminal. Just follow everyone else.

In these directions, make no deliberate turns onto any road. You will come to a 4 way stop (we have no traffic lights). You will spot our movie theatre (Central Hall) across the road. Read the chalkboard to see what’s playing.

Turn right

This road will take you into Ganges. Go straight through, up the hill 0n the imaginatively named Fulford-Ganges Road. Whiz by Fulford Harbour. Stay on this same road, now cleverly called Beaver Point Road. It climbs, winds and twists. Pass 2 lakes & Stewart Road then start reading the road signs.

Pass Bullock Road on your left, then Dimitri road also on your left. It gets hilly here. Look for Amblewood on the right. If you come to Beaver Point Hall (get it?) you have overshot Amblewood. Turn around.

Come up Amblewood, and follow the hummingbird signs. DO NOT GO STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FARM GATE. Vere left and follow the driveway all the way to the top. See the Hummingbird Hill B&B sign on the left. Come through the gates to the house. Guest Parking is on the left beside the gate into the suite.

You may want to print off the map below so you can orient yourself.


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